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Maasai Mara University joins Mau Forest Restoration

Maasai Mara University being the sole University that has positioned itself as a Centre of excellence in Environmental Resource Management focusing on Natural Resources and Tourism among other coveted disciplines, joined the world in the historic step to restore the Mau Forest Water Towers Complex.

This was on Friday, November 1, 2019, when dons, staff, and students of Maasai Mara University attended the tree planting exercise at the Mau Forest.

The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry Keriako Tobiko led residents to launch a move to plant over ten million indigenous tree seedlings after people who had settled in the Mau Forest left to pave way for the restoration.

Maasai Mara University staff and students were privileged to plant tree seedlings with CS Tobiko where the Varsity donated 10,000 tree seedlings. A total of 200,000 seedlings were planted that day whereas 60M seeds were to be propagated aerially by helicopters.     

Participants from Maasai Mara University were 70, both staff and students who were led by the Marketing and Public Relations Director Dr James Nampushi.

Maasai Mara University has been passionate about protecting the Mau Water Towers where it has been donating indigenous tree seedlings to schools around the Mau area so that residents can improve forest cover at their homes even as debate on conserving Mau Forest escalated a few months ago.  

Book Donation by Chinese Publishing Delegation

Maasai Mara University through the office Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Finance and Planning and Directorate of Linkages received the donation of books worth Kshs. 2,000,000.00 from the Chinese Publishing delegation.  The Chinese Publishing delegation had a book fair and exhibition in Nairobi. The Chinese Publishing delegation agreed to support Maasai Mara University by sourcing more books from the Chinese Publishing Companies.  It was agreed that Maasai Mara University, through the University library to forward a list of books required to the Chinese Publishing delegation through Prof. Xue Yan, Executive Director SAJOREC.

Partnership Between Maasai Mara University And Fujian Academy Of Agriculture Sciences

Maasai Mara University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fujian China.  FAAS has a total of 16 specialized institutes. .Maasai Mara has an opportunity to collaborate in the areas of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicinal, plant protection, crops agricultural engineering and technology, Academic exchange programmmes.

Prioritize Morality for Your Academic Excellence, First-Year Students Urged

New students at Maasai Mara University have been urged to prioritize their moral uprightness and responsible reproductive health so as to ease the realization of their academic goals.

Speaking during a Public Lecture meant to usher First-Year students to Higher Education life at Maasai Mara University, the Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof. Kitche Magak emphasized the need for fresh students to be vigilant regarding their integrity and dignity. He reminded them not to be obsessed with current freedom.

 “I know you come from backgrounds where there were lots of restrictions. Good restrictions! Here you are virtually on your own and if you do not manage this freedom properly, there would be tears at the end,” Prof. Kitche Magak said.

Sexual immorality is a vice that has been thwarting the academic and health focus of various University students globally and Prof. Magak could not hesitate to caution the handsome young gentlemen and ladies against it. He gave a case study of how those who messed with their reproductive health over 30 years ago when they joined campus together ended up losing their coveted dreams and lives.

“I was at the university when the big deal was HIV/AIDS. That was the big deal and a lot of my friends did not graduate because they died. So, part of the management of that freedom is how you are going to manage your sexuality. My experience is that we have had so many people, in the First Year they are fine, in the second Year they are almost fine, in the Third Year they start looking frail in Fourth Year they are gone. I am telling you; this is reality. When you get into this University, please take care of your reproductive health because that is a killer,” Prof. Kitche Magak emphasized. 

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews supported the counsel influencing the Maasai Mara University students to embrace and treasure their academic goals above everything, discipline being paramount.  

“I would like to urge all of you to keep and maintain your focus. We have students who sat where you sit today but did not graduate from this University. That is because they failed to live up to their dreams and lost focus on the primary reason that brought them to the University. Some of the distractions could be in the form of unhealthy relationships, drug and substance abuse, unplanned pregnancies, procrastination, negative peer pressure, missing classes just to mention but a few,” Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews said.

Prof. Bulitia added that students should be mindful of their security both within and outside campus, being each brothers’ keeper and adhering to all legal frameworks and habits that do not infringe on the security rights of their colleagues and other staff.

“Today, our country is in serious security threats; universities included. We appeal to you all to be vigilant and to help yourself and your neighbor. There will be lessons on how to deal with situations of a threatening nature. You also need to exercise your rights in a responsible and patriotic manner and avoid going into harm’s way,” Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews emphasized.

The sentiments were backed up by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration Finance and Planning Prof. Mohammed Abdille who lauded the 2010 Constitution of Kenya that bore Devolution that has seen communities that were marginalized access Higher Education Institutions and facilities at ease. He too encouraged the students to maximize the resources and facilities available at Maasai Mara University citing that all staff is dedicated and geared towards academic excellence, research and innovative teaching.

“This University borders various counties, for instance, it borders with Nakuru, it borders with Nairobi and sure this University serves so many counties that is why we have more than 10,000 students. It is a preferred destination because of our academic excellence. Our humble staff and students are globally known to be great achievers,” Prof. Mohammed Abdille said.

Prof. Mohammed Abdille also assured the students that the University Management of Maasai Mara University is in tandem with integrity and professionalism demands hence the suitability meets all the needs of both students and staff.

“You have chosen a University that is led by the Vice-Chancellor all the way down the hierarchy of management levels. Hence, we are active and experienced to serve you, listen and hear your needs,” Prof. Mohammed Abdille added.

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