Registrar (Administration)

S. K. Partoip 

The administration sub-division falls within the Administration, Finance and Planning division of the University. It is charged with the responsibility of policy implementation in support services. Our goal is to provide quality support services that will see the mandate of the University successfully delivered. Our key differentiating factor is ‘human resources’, it is the effective and optimal utilization of ‘the people’ that will offer continued success to the University. We are keen to attract, recruit, a select, train, develop, reward, maintain and retain the best talent in the University that will see the realization of the Mission and Vision of the University.  Besides the management of people, our other activities rotate around effective management of facilities on campus to ensure that our internal and external customers are satisfied. In this pursuit we are currently adopting robust ICT initiatives cantered at improving the speed of effectiveness and accuracy in service delivery. In particular, the department is adopting ERP software in the majority of its processes. We look forward to creating an environment that is responsive to our customers’ needs and provides a quality working environment for our staff. The departments/Units that fall under the administration sub-division include the following; Human Resource, Estates, Health Services, Transport, Central Services, and Catering.

We are committed to continuing to quality improvement ‘unfreezing and refreezing’ in quality cycles of change.



Ag Registrar Planning: Mr. S. Yiale

Registrar (Academic Affairs)

Dr. Otieno Fredrick Onyango

PhD-Physics (JKUAT), M.Sc.-Physics (UoN), B.Sc.-Physics & Mathematics (KU)

Welcome to Maasai Mara University. The Department of the Registrar, Academic Affairs plays a critical role in the realization of the academic objectives of the University. The Registrar, Academic Affairs, provides leadership and strategic direction in matters relating to the activities undertaken in the department which include: Admission and registration of students, examination administration, maintenance of students’ records, processing of official transcripts and academic certificates and provision of secretarial services for meetings of the Senate and its sub-committees.  These activities are managed and facilitated in the following four (4) sections under the supervision of the Deputy Registrar, Academic Affairs: Admissions Section, Examinations Sections, Senate Secretariat Section and Students' Records & Transcripts Section. The University offers a wide range of competitive academic programmes under the Government-sponsored student's Programme (GSSP) and privately sponsored students programmes (PSSP). The Government-sponsored students are admitted through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS) while the Privately sponsored students apply directly to the University for admission. We wish to encourage the youth and other age groups to enroll in the various Certificates, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes offered by the University. 

The Department is committed to continual improvement of its operations for effective service delivery.

Office of the Registrar (Academic Affairs)

Gladys Munge
Deputy Registrar,

Academic Affairs

Jonathan Sunkuyia

Ag. Deputy Registrar,


Praxides Okumu
Asst. Registrar,

Peter Nyakondo
Asst. Registrar, (Student Records & Transcripts)

Pentina Ayabei

Asst Registrar, (Senate Secretariat)

MBA (KeMU), Dip. HRM (KIM, B.Ed (Kenyatta University)

 BBA (KeMU), CPS (K)

M.A., Project Planning and Management (UoN), B.Ed (Kenyatta University)

M.A., Economics, B.A., Economics (MS University of Baroda)



Dip. Secretarial Studies (KNEC)


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D.V.C (A,F & P)

Dr. Jamesi Nampushi

Ag. D.V.C (A, F & P)

As the Division in charge of Administration, Finance, and Planning, we re-affirm our commitment to sound financial and administrative policies, practices and strategies that will ensure the University achieves her mission and objectives. We will work closely with the governance and administrative structures of the University in setting and realigning our strategic direction. We expect to attract more financial support from the government. As a result, we anticipate the rapid expansion of infrastructural and human resources. To commensurate these possible gains, we will fast track the ISO 9001 process, seek greater improvements in meeting targets set in our performance contracts, and foster greater customer satisfaction. Guided by our core values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork, creativity and innovativeness, transparency and accountability, equity and social justice, we are convinced that indeed, Maasai Mara University will be a World Class University committed to academic excellence for development.

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D.V.C (A & SA)

Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews

D.V.C.(A & SA)

Maasai Mara University is a Fully Chartered University in Narok County, Kenya. It neighbors the World famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve and the Mau Water Towers and is home to the culturally renowned Maasai people who represent the face of tourism in Kenya. Maasai Mara University (MMU) has a quality objective of offering high-quality teaching, research, community outreach, and consultancy. These it incorporates in its academic work through formal, nonformal and informal education. In taking its rightful position in the local and international community, the University has taken a lead in community, academic and research partnership with other research and academic institutions. The Maasai Mara University in collaboration with the organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) have partnered in a Curriculum workshop on Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Social Protection. This, alongside other initiatives, aim at making Maasai Mara University the Centre of Climate Change, Disaster risk reduction and Social protection in the region. In addition, the University has collaborations with Clemson University (USA) and WWF through the MAMASE project. It is currently pursuing other linkages such as the North Central College (USA) and the GEOHealth Hub for East Africa project (in collaboration with other prominent international and local universities such as University of Southern California, Makerere University and the Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK). The university academic division has facilitated and is keen on participatory curriculum development, exchanges, and practical learning. This is a way of enhancing academic excellence through the professor and student exchanges and attachments to further ground them after the classwork. MMU has an active South Rift Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE in ESD) currently in the process of being registered by the United Nations University (UNU). The University has recently hosted a very successful community gathering in collaboration with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), the Narok County government, the community organizations, NGOs, the Maasai Council of elders, among other stakeholders. This is a way of making the education from the university conformity with the day to day needs of the society, by orienting it to solve problems and for posterity, i.e. education for sustainable development (ESD) and as corporate responsibility. Maasai Mara university offers postgraduate, undergraduate and diploma level academic programs distributed in five different schools, namely: School of Tourism and Natural Resources Management (2 departments), School of Education (2 departments), School of Science (4 departments), School of Business (2 departments) and school of Arts and Social Sciences (2 departments). These programs are offered after a thorough demand assessment, and are responsive to community needs and give the students and the community the capacity to solve real-life and day to day social, economic, livelihood and environmental challenges. Other new programs currently being developed by the university are in the field of Nursing, Health, Law, Cultural Studies, Indigenous Knowledge, Citizen Science, and Alternative Energy, among others. The students and staff are able to access information on these subjects in a resourceful library with online journals. To our current students, we wish you a successful learning period. For the rest, we wish to cordially welcome you onboard to be part of the Maasai Mara Academic, Research train. Last, but not least, the University has an active extra-curricular body with a vibrant choir which serves in national events as well a number of students professional and social networks. It has received many trophies in various fields and continues to strive for excellence in academic, research, consultancy and community outreach.

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Vice Chancellor

Prof. Kitche Magak

Welcome to Maasai Mara University, a public University situated 150km  in the South West of Nairobi en route to the great Maasai Mara Game Reserve.  The vision of the University is to be a World-Class University committed to academic excellence for development. Our Mission is to provide Quality University education through innovative teaching, research, and consultancy services for development. The University has five schools ( School of Science and Information Sciences, School of Arts & Social Sciences, School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management, School of Business and Economics, School of Education) which offer market-driven programmers. 

The University is a reservoir of the African culture and indigenous knowledge with the obligation of championing social, political and economic changes in the region. The University focuses on innovative teaching based on research with global collaborations with industries and other institutes. The University has specialized in the following disciplines: Business, computing, ICT, education, psychology, tourism, environmental sciences, and health sciences and research. The University encourages interaction between researchers and the local community. It has already implemented outreach activities that support Sustainable Development. Through research and outreach programmes, the University supports the economic, educational, social and cultural development of the community and the nation at large. The University has greatly contributed to the conservation of natural resources through collaboration with Narok County Government and other stakeholders in Environmental Conversation.

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Maasai Mara University

P.O. Box 861 - 20500, Narok, Kenya 


Tel: +254 20 5131400

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