It falls to every successful institutions to seek that precious balance between academics and co- curricular activities. The academics department has served to maintain the academic tempo of the school which has been at an al-time high. It has proved to be the yardstick in comprehending the school’s top mean not only in in the national exams  but also in other competitions that students partake in. it looks deeply into the attendance of the students both during the morning (6:45-6:00a.m) and evening preps(7:00-9:30p.m). The school runs on a system that takes into account the attendance of both the students and teachers during tuition hours as it is well understood that the success of any institution is only as good as the quality of the faculty members. The teachers, needless to say, are the caliber that every student would love to be taught by. Therefore, the academics department puts its best foot forward in order to run then core business of this school.