At the old chapel lies a place of worship for the Seventh-Day-Adventists of Alliance High School. Formerly stationed at the now 1K class, the society has borne a great number of busherian Adventists over the years. It is extensively equipped with books ranging from S.O.Ps like The Great Hope, Great Controversy, Steps to Christ and many others that are borrowed and aptly followed upon by the society’s librarian.

S.D.A society is musically renowned in the school by its outstanding presentations in the school chapel on Sundays by the heralds and chariots, and most recently the United brothers. The JIS are also well represented as the society evangelizes to the others through synchronized melody. The society also hosts annual and monthly events such as the Alumni Sabbaths, alumni Sundays and many others. It is also actively involved with the sister society accrossians by constant mailing and event invitation S.D.A services are always ones to be locked forward to each Saturday as each Sabbath is blessed with a speaker from the New Life Church. Evening services are also rejuvenating as the day’s toils are verily relieved by a 30 minute service each evening. Above all, the S.D.A society or rather the S.D.A family is homely, outstretching its arms wide with brotherly affection to all busherians. It’s a home away from home, in holy convocation of worship.

Patron: Mrs. Adem

Secretary’s desk: Obed Matara