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Over the years, the school has recorded a steady increase in the student population. This has led to stress in the limited physical resources, the chapel being a perfect example. The current chapel was designed to accommodate only 800 students as opposed to the current 1650 students who use it on a daily basis. It has had to undergo some modifications to cater for this extra number i.e. it has a ‘mabati’ structure at the entrance that serves as an extension. It’s in a dilapidated state as a result of it’s age and daily use. The school chapel is one of the most important facilities that is used on a day to day basis by the students for prayers.
These challenges have necessitated the construction of a new chapel. The proposed chapel blue-print was designed in 2016 by Architects Eric Kamau, Aggrey Maganga and Dr. Noel J. O. Okello. This magnificent structure is set to have a sitting capacity of 4,400 – which is nearly two and a half times the capacity of the current chapel. The state of the art structure also encompasses an Amphitheatre with a capacity of 500. The new chapel structure is projected to serve the school for a period of 50 years.

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  1. How much is needed for the chapel?
  2. When will the chapel be completed?
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Grieve Chapel

The Grieve chapel was commissioned on 3rd June 1934. The iconic building served as the junior library before the resource center was built. Currently, It’s the official meeting place for S.D.A students and also acts as their library. Its left wing serves as the vestry.

The current Chapel

The current chapel was commissioned. There were 422 students when it was opened.It has had to undergo modifications in order to accommodate the growing number of students - It has a “mabati’ structure at entrance which serves as an extension of the chapel.It’s in a dilapidated state as a result of its age and day–to–day use.The current chapel was designed to accommodate only 800 students.

Current Chapel