Best Perfomance

It falls to every successful institutions to seek that precious balance between academics and co- curricular activities.



Mr. D.G Kariuki former Principal AHS  receiving a gift from Mr.Kaniauri (The B.O.M Chairman) for his exemplary performance

Always at the top

The school is among the best performing high schools in the country academically, ranked amongst the top 10 positions every year. Bush holds the country record for most consecutive years holding the pole position in the national exams (1960–1985). In the K.C.S.E results announced in 2011, the school emerged top in the country. In that same year, the school had more than 100 students scoring a mean grade of A in the national exams.

Every year, over 98% of the school’s graduates get admission to Kenyan universities. Students from the school also proceed to join Ivy League Universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Brown University. Many attend other prestigious American universities like Stanford University, Duke University, Williams College and MIT. Others go on to attend universities in Australia, China,Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other countries