Mentorship: The key to unimaginable success

A.H.S mentorship is a programme initiated by our Chief Principal D.G Kariuki to motivate both high school (Form 3’s & 4’s) and std 7 &8 pupils.this is to prepare them on how to the main examinations and the outside word after their education.

The past mentorship conferences have been a success to many who attended, it has proved to be a life changing experience their dreams have been and are still being realized day by day. It raises so many questions what is it how is it done? What happens there? These questions are quite difficult to answer but wait a little bit. Having got a chance to interact with those who attended, I got answers to most of the questions. I learnt so much about the mentorship program.Many narrated their experiences excitedly as they vividly described the happenings  as if it was yesterday most of them particularly quoted Mr. Kariuki our wise principal sayings if it is to be it is up to me and success is not for the chosen few it is for the few who have chosen

One alumni of the program Mercy Karanja now a student at Limuru Girls School said that the program had a very good effect to her life. While in the mentorship one of the most memorable things she recalled was that she had the chance to visit a few top national schools and today she thanks God for making it to one of them Limuru girls

Another Ashley Mutai from Kenya high school said that she vividly recalls the wise quotes from Pepe Minambo and D.G Kariuki our principal. The motivation has been the hallmark of her life since then. It saw her through her KCPE and into the Kenya high school the school of her dreams.

The most amazing experience was John Njau’s experience now a form one student at alliance high school. Many things influenced their success but the most important of them is mentorship. The motivation is still the hallmark of their lives up to date. Truly, as D.G Kariuki says “if you see a tortoise on top of a tree, someone must have put it there.”